Shieled SMD Power Inductor Series


Shieled SMD Power Inductor Series

1.Shielded Power Inductor
2.HIgh Current Inductor for PCs & Servers
3.Low Profile High Current Inductors
4.Store energy in the form of magnetic field
5.Magnetically shielded construction.
6.Excellent solderabillity and heat resistance.
7.Operating temperature: -5℃ ~ +125℃
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1. To be high saturation for surface mounting.
2. Surface mount inductor with high current rating.
3. Low resistance to keep power loss minimum.
4. Packed in embossed carrier tape and can be used by automatic mounting machine.
5. Cross to Sumida Power inductor CDRH Series


Erocore enhances shielded power inductor (PIH Series) covering complete footprint with profile from 1.3 mm to 6.8 mm, inductance from 1.3 μH to 1500 μH, low DCR 0.005Ω to 2.05Ω, and Rated Current up to 12A.

Erocore (PIH Series) with wire wound and magnetically shielded construction offers a variety of characteristics and high performace. Customers can select the optimum characteristics by choosing from footprint, DCR, and a wide range of inductance values and tolerances with some types offering magnetic shielding.

This wire-wound inductor handles high transient current spikes without hard saturation. Packaged in an RoHS-compliant, 100 % lead (Pb)-free shielded, composite construction that reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels, the new device is specified for an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, with high resistance to mechanical shock, thermal shock, moisture, and vibration.


Power supply for VCRS; OA equipment Digital camera,Notebook PC, portable communication Equipments,LCD television set, DC/DC converters, etc.

SMD Shielded Power Inductor

Shielded Power Inductor

Shielded Power Inductor

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