news-Erocore High Current Flat Wire Common Mode Choke_ SER Series

Erocore High Current Flat Wire Common Mode Choke_ SER Series

EROCORE SER Series(High Current Common Mode Choke) :

We are pleased to announce our newsletter SER Series which is one of our high current flat wire common mode choke product line.Flat wire Chokes have specifically low DC resistance for greater efficiency. These magnetically shielded inductors achieve many of our highest current ratings.It’s designed for high efficiency DC/DC converters application with high currents requirement. Furthermore, it’s an ideal filter for audio products, Resonant SMPS & other power supply application etc.


1.Perfect for high current application.
2.Extremely low DCR.
3.Low voltage power supply applications.
4.Custom design available.

Product Features:

1.Saturation current up to 100 A

2.Flat, round and litz wire version to optimize the DC & AC losses

3.Inductance values ranging from 1.5 µH to 33 µH

4.Low core losses

5.Magnetically shielded

6.Litz and round wire: base for SMT mount and coplanarity



Flat wire common mode choke_01

filer wire common mode chock