news-How Do EMI Ferrite Cores & Beads work?

How Do EMI Ferrite Cores & Beads work?

Ferrite Core & Beads are passive electronic components that can suppress high frequency signals on a power supply line. They are normally placed around a power or ground line pair that is incoming to a particular device, such as the power cord for your laptop. These beads work according to Faraday’s Law: the magnetic core around a conductor induces a back EMF in the presence of a high frequency signal, essentially attenuating the ferrite frequency response.

Suppression Signal noise

Ferrites are magnetic materials, and placing this material in a ferrite clamp around the power supply/ground line allows provides a source of inductive impedance for signals passing through the line.Because ferrite bead impedance is inductive, ferrite bead inductors are used to attenuate high-frequency signals in electronic components. When a ferrite bead choke is placed on the power line connecting to an electronic device, it removes any spurious high frequency noise present on a power connection or that is output from a DC power supply. This ferrite clamp use is one of many approach to noise suppression, such as that from a switched-mode power supply. This application of ferrite beads as a ferrite filter provides suppression and elimination of conducted EMI.


EMI Ferrite Core

EMI Ferrite Core & Beads

If you want to know how to select a ferrite bead for a design, you just have to pay attention to a bead’s specifications.

Please check Erocore's datasheet (FH Series) for more information you need.

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