news-PCM_AF for Automotive

PCM_AF for Automotive

PCM_AF Series is Erocore’s Common Mode Choke product line with high reliability test complied to AEC-Q200. Directly cross to TDK ACM-V series.PCM4745AF / PCM0706AF / PCM0907AF / PCM1211AF are all complied with AEC-Q200. Operating temperature range from-40~+125℃. The high withstanding current characteristics is also an excellent design for over EMI application. Perfect choice for EV(Electrical  Vehicle).


1. View Camera Module

2. Infotainment Module

3. Power Train System

4. Power Inverter

Electrical Vehicle Inductor / common mode choke


1. High reliability -Reliability test complied to AEC-Q200.

2. Automated winding and assembly techniques

3. High quality of noise suppression performance in high frequency