1. 轴向固定电感器
2. 最高感量可达68mH
3. 高Q值与SRFs.
4. 通孔轴向电感
5. 射频电感和功率扼流圈,线圈
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1. Coating epoxy resin that ensures the humidity resistance to be long life.
2. Contribute to be high Q and self-resonant frequencies.
3. Epoxy resin coating makes it high reliability.
4. RF Coils, Choke Coils, Peak Coils.


Erocore AL Series fixed inductor utilizes the latest winding technology with special core material, sturdy construction, outer layer of epoxy resin processing, high Q value and self-resonance frequency, wide inductance range, high reliability, and low price.

AL series is ideal for consumer electronics such as digital set-top boxes (DVB), digital video disc players (DVD), video cassette recorders (VCR), television (TV), computers, audio equipment, mobile communications, telephone, and various general-purpose electronic applications.

Erocore highly efficient automated production processes offer a full range of high-quality inductors products suitable for automatic plug-in operation. The (TCAL) provides 0204,0307,0410, and 0510 size varieties of different forming, such as Normal & Short Form, F Forming, U Forming, Pana Forming, and bulk products to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturing methods.


Digital Set-top Boxes (DVB), Digital Video Disc Players (DVD), Video Cassette Recorders (VCR), Television (TV), Computers, Audio Equipment, Mobile Communications, Telephone, and various General-Purpose Electronic Applications.

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