Common Mode Choke | Coil | Filter Series


Common Mode Choke | Coil | Filter Series

1.SMD Common Mode Choke&Filter
2.Wirewound Chip constructure
3.Standard Size 474520/706030/907040
4.EMI Noise Suppression for Signal Line
5.High Current & Wide Impedance
6.USB,HDMI,CAN-Bus Filter
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1. Effective in high frequency noise suppression.
2The common mode choke coil structure and without degrading the signal.
3. Prevention of common mode noise on power lines for electronic products or wireless charging.
4High common mode impedance at high frequency effects excellent noise suppression performance.
Cross to TDK ACM Series

Product Features:

Erocore PCM Series is high current common mode choke which offer 5 sizes (474520, 706030, 907040, 121160,151360). The impedance is from 70Ω to 3000Ω and ultra High Current Rating from 0.9A to15A , rated voltage is 50V/80V/125V. Operating temperature is ‐40℃ ~ +125℃. PCM Series is widely used on EMI countermeasures at signal lines of personal computers, microcomputers, peripheral devices, Countermeasures against common-mode noise at composite at video signals.

Common mode chokes are utilized to reduce a particular kind of electrical noise referred to as Common Mode Noise. They are also known as Current Compensated chokes or Current Cancellation chokes. Common mode chokes (PCM Series) work nicely in applications like AC/Electricity power supplies (lines with large current movement) and signal lines, where distortion from the signal can create problems.


Power line noise countermeasure for various electronic equipment,Noise countermeasure for adapter lines and battery lines or larger electronic equipment such as note book PCs and word processors.

Common Mode Choke

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