Common Mode Choke | Coil | Filter Series


Common Mode Choke | Coil | Filter Series

1.SMD Common Mode Choke&Filter
2.Wirewound Chip constructure
3.Standard Size 0805 & 1206
4.EMI Noise Suppression for Signal Line
5.High Current & Wide Impedance
6.USB,HDMI,MIPI D-PHY,Display Port
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1. High common mode impedance at high frequencies affects excellent noise suppression performance.
2. The CML series realizes small size and low profile.
3. The product does not contain lead, and lead-free soldering is also supported.
4. Cross to Murata DLW Series, TDK ACM Series and ACP Series, Wurth CNSW Series, Bourns SRF Series

Product Features:

The common mode choke CML series is used to filter common mode electromagnetic interference (EMI) currents without derating and without signal degradation at high currents. Common mode chokes are applied to supply and return pairs of conductors and are ideal for EMI filtering of signal lines.

Erocore offers standard 0805 and 1206 sizes of SMD common mode inductors and EMI filters (CML), with a maximum height of 1.2mm, 1.9mm, allowing the use of low profile common mode chokes.

It offers a high differential mode cutoff frequency and common mode noise attenuation over a wide frequency range, making it ideal for noise suppression on ultra-high speed signal lines such as DisplayPort, DVI, USB 3.x, and HDMI 2.0. The choke is also suitable for USB, IEEE1394 and high-speed differential signal lines such as LVDS, HDMI, and MIPI Mobile Industry Processor Interface (D-PHY) applications, and is compatible with USB Type-C specifications.

Product Application:

Best suited for NB, DSC, mobile device design Precautions against high-speed signal radiated emissions such as USB, IEEE 1394 (Firewire) or LAN interfaces

Common Mode Choke-CML


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