Common Mode Choke | Coil | Filter Series


Common Mode Choke | Coil | Filter Series

1.Flat wire winding process
2.High Current & Low DCR
3.EMI Noise Suppression
4.Vertical, Horizontal or SMD type
5.UU Core Alternative
6.Automatic Production
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1. Pair and triple wire coil for high stability and high balance.
2. Flat wire winding process
3. Small volume, large current, low DC resistance, small distributed capacitance
4. Excellent EMI filtering effect and stability & Good insulation strength and long service life
5. Vertical, horizontal or SMD type, customized is available


ESQ Series is a new developed product which improves traditional Common Mode Choke with flat wire & High reliable magnetic core. The flat wire product comes in a reduced size that allows for a higher current per unit volume when compared to Traditional CMC which with round copper wire.

Erocore ESQ Series is developed with diameter ESQ1212 (18mm x 14mm), ESQ1515 (21mm*14.5mm), ESQ1918(23.5mm x 14mm), ESQ2418(24mm x 14mm), ESQ2820(32.5mm x 30.5mm). Rated Current is up to 15A with DCR 0.025mΩ. ESQ Series can replace traditional Ring Core have provide lower core loss and superior temperature dissipation.


UPS Power Suppy, VRMs, DC/DC Converter, EMI Filter, etc

Common Mode Choke-ESQ

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