EMI MnZn Ferrite Core Series-EST


EMI MnZn Ferrite Core Series-EST

1.Manganese Zinc(MnZn) Ferrites Core.
2.Intial Permeability 7000 μi.
3.Saturation Flux Density 4200 Gauss.
4.T Cores & EMI/RFI Ferrite Core.
5.High magnetic permeability...
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1. High magnetic permeability.
2. Excellent saturation flux density.
3. Low loss combined with high permeability.
4. High resistively, Wide range of operating frequencies.
5. Large material selection, Versatility of core shapes.


MnZn ferrite core have many advantages: High resistively, Wide range of operating frequencies, Low loss combined with high permeability, Time and temperatre stability, Large material selection,Versatility of core shapes, Low cost, Light weight. The suitable frequency range for MnZn ferrite material is below 2MHz. Common Mode choke frequency runs below 70MHz.

MnZn ferrite core is "tailor-made" within technological limits, to meet desired characteristics for electronic components. This is accomplished principally by varying the chemical composition of the materials and by making appropriate changes in processing procedures.

This general type of ferrite can be manufactured in several different vastly different grades by altering its composition and processing. Initial relative permeability (at 25℃) can range from several hundred to twenty thousand. Saturation (at 25℃) ranges from 3500 to 5000 gauss. The curie temperature can range from 100℃ to 300℃. Material grades have been developed for particular groups of applications such as power, broadband, E.M.I./R.F.I. filtering, ripple filtering, tuning, and others. The useful frequency range for most of these materials is 2MHz and less (with suitable flux density de-rating)


SMPS transformers chokes, Power and high-voltage transformers, Inductive proximity switches, Power Supply Application, EMI / RFI Application, Line Filter. DC-DC Converters, Telecom field Application. xSDL pass-band filters, EMI suppression.

EMI MnZn Ferrite Core

EMI MnZn Ferrite Core

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