EMI NiZn Ferrite Core Series-RH


EMI NiZn Ferrite Core Series-RH

1.EMI Suppression Core
2.T-Ring Core
3.Magnetic Ferrite Core
4.Nickel-Ziinc(NiZn) Material
5.Toroidal Ferrite T-Shape Core
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1. High Frequency and impedance.
2. Nickel Zinc Ferrite material which working frequency is from 1MHz to 1GHz.
3. EMI suppression cores with ring shape.
4. Initial permeability from 15μi to 2000μi.


EMI NiZn(Nickel Zinc) toroidal core ferrites is a very popular component for the electric application, This sintered soft magnetic ring core widely used for power,digital,HDMI cables,filter inductors,RF transformers,the advantage is high working frequency,high impedance to compared with other soft ferrites,that also get good results in Anti-interference.

Erocore NiZn Ferrite Core RI Series is used to suppress high frequency noise from cables. Also, NiZn cores are mainly used for common mode or differential mode filter to suppression EMI. If the design need higher impedance, increase the wire turns through the core is a fast and easy solution.Some of ferrites also application in making inductor, RF transformer, balun transformer,filters, NiZn ferrite core working frequency from 1MHz to GHz 


Power Supply Application, Digital EMI, HDMI,Cable, Line Filter, Inductor, RF Transformer

EMI NiZn Ring Core

EMI NiZn Ferrite Ring Core

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