EMI Supression Filters Series(Large Current)


EMI Supression Filters Series(Large Current)

1. Multilayer Chip Bead
2. Large Current for signal line
3. Wide impedance characteristic
4. 30ohms~2000ohms
5. Closed Magnetic Circuit
6. Effectively filter high frequency noise
7. High Current 0.6A~6A
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1. Suitable for flow and reflow soldering.
2. Standard type used to suppress lower-frequency, lower current signals.
3. The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering.
4. Effectively filter high frequency noise without attenuating high frequency signal
5. Excellent Solderability and heat Resistance.
6. Cross to Murata BLM Series, TDK MPZ Series, Taiyo Yuden BKP Series


Multilayer Chip Bead Series use multilayer ferrite design/process for EMI and noise filtering for general use, high-speed signal lines, power supplies, power supplies with low DC resistance type. The CP Series, Chip Ferrite Beads for general purpose featuring a rated current between 0.8A~6A, an impedance range of 30~2000ohms. Available in case sizes EIA:0402/0603/1005/1608/2012/3216/4516.


Filtering between analog and digital circuitry, clock generation circuitry,I/O interconnects, Isolation between RF noisy circuits and logic devices susceptible to functional degradation, power supply filtering to prevent conducted RF energy from corrupting the power generation circuitry. Sharp impedance characteristics can effectively minimize attenuation, high frequency EMI prevention of LCD monitor,PDA,Computers, Computer peripherals,Cellular equipment, Digital TV, Digital Cameras, Audio/Visual equipment, DVD, Wireless Communication Devices, MP3. 


Ferrite Substance
Silver Electrode Electrode
(Ag / Cu / Sn)



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