Ferrite Bead Filters Series-RHB


Ferrite Bead Filters Series-RHB

1.Leaded Type Ferrite Bead Filter
2.High Speed Signals Application.
3.Electromagnetic Noise Reduction
4.Suppress Differential Mode Noise
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1. Leaded Type Ferrite Bead Filter.
2. Reducing Radio Frequency Interference and Noise.
3. Standard Size with 025040 to 035047 and impedance range from 35ohms ~ 180ohms.


Erocore Ferrite Beads Filter Filtering Radio Frequency Interference and Noise. Ferrite bead is a kind of anti-jamming applications the fastest growing components, cheap, easy to use, filtering high-frequency noise were improved significantly.

Ferrite beads commonly used in filtering and electromagnetic noise reduction, Erocore Ferrite Beads (RHB) series manufactured by using iron, nickel, zinc oxide mixture made with high resistivity and high magnetic permeability. Ferrite bead in series with the signal or power path, it can be used to suppress differential mode noise.

By comparing with traditional inductors, Erocore RHB Series has better high-frequency filter characteristics. Ferrites at high frequencies showed resistance characteristics at high frequencies, equivalent to a low inductor quality factor, it can be quite a wide frequency range, to maintain a high impedance, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of high-frequency filter.


VGA card, EGA card, Mother board, TV game, Line Filter Application, High Speed Signal Suppression, and other electronic applications.

EMI Ferrite beads filter_differential mode noise suppression_leaded type inductor

EMI Ferrite Beads

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