Multilayer Chip Inductors


Multilayer Chip Inductors

1. RF Chip Inductors
2. High Q ceramic body
3. Frequency up to 10GHz
4. Available in 0402 & 0603 Size
5. 0.2nH ~ 470nH
6. 0.1A ~ 0.6A
7. -55℃ to +125℃
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1. High Q and high reliability and ceramic material.
2. RF Chip Inductors, Chip Beads, Ferrite Inductors.
3. Excellent solderability and heat resistance.
4Cross to Murata LQG Series, TDK MLG Series, Taiyo Yuden HK Series.


EROCORE CF Series inductors are aimed at signal shaping and RF filtering applications in a wide range of electronic systems. Target end products include remote controls, high-end video processing equipment, set-top boxes, cell phones, pagers, keyless entry systems, wireless and wire line networks, and cable modems. Prevention of electromagnetic interference to signals on the secondary side of electric equipment.

CF Series Range from 1nH to 470nH. Available tolerance are ±0.3nH, ±5%, and ±10%.Maximum DC resistance (DCR) ranges from 0.1Ω to 3Ω depending on inductance.

CF Series inductors feature a high Q rating and minimum self-resonant frequency ranges from 0.6 GHz to 10 GHz. Designed for reliable operation in high-frequency applications, CF Series is rated for currents from 100mA to 600mA. Their surface-mount packaging is solder able by reflow or wave methods and specified for a wide operating temperature range of -55℃ to +125℃.


RF module of telecommunication products, cellular phones, computer communications, Display Monitor, Gaming Machine, etc...

Multilayer Chip Inductors-C

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