Multilayer Chip Inductors


Multilayer Chip Inductors

1. RF Chip Inductors
2. High Q ceramic body
3. Available in 0603,0805&1206 Size
4. 0.022uH ~ 22uH
5. Up to 300mA
6. -25℃ to +85℃
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1. Closed magnetic circuit avoids crosstalk.
2. Suitable for flow and re-flow soldering.
3. RF Chip Inductors, Chip Beads, Ferrite Inductors
4. Cross to Murata LQM Series, TDK MLF Series, Taiyo Yuden LK Series


Mutlilayer Chip Inductors, called CL series, is designed for low profile, compact and high saturation current in DC/DC converter power application of portable devices, smart phone, table PC/PAD, Erocore provides unique multilayer ferrite/ceramic inductor printed metal coil in high-temperature technology. Provided EIA Size are 0603/0805/0806/1206 and inductance range 0.022~22uH.


Main board, CD-ROM, hard disk driver, digital TVs and VTRs Printers, Bluetooth, wireless phone, personal computers and general consumer and computers products.

RF Multilayer Chip Inductor


Ceramic Material Inner Electrode (Ag) Direction Mark
Through Hole End-termination (Ag/Ni/Sn)    


Structure and manufacturing process of
multilayer chip inductor

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