Radial Inductor Series-SSL


Radial Inductor Series-SSL

1.Low cost and high reliability
2.Open magnetic circuit construction
3.Radial, Vertical Dip, RoHS.
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1. Low Cost and High Reliability.
2. Wide range of inductance values.
3. High Saturation Current.
4. Various Sizes and Customized.
5. Radial, Vertical Dip, RoHS.


Erocore SSL Series structure with open magnetic circuit construction design and protect by UL or PVC Heat-shrinkable tube.

SSL Series features with small size, space savings, low cost, wide inductance range, high Q value, high availability of a large current, high self-resonance frequency(SRFs), small magnetic flux leakage.

Erocore Radial Inductor SSL Series offers 3 standard sizes from (9.0mm x 9.0mm), (9.0mm x 12.0mm) &(11.0mm x 12.0mm) and Inductance range from 2.2uH ~18,000uH, IDC from 6.1A ~ 0.05A.


Switching Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, EMI/RFI Filtering, Output chokes, Power Supply Applications, etc.

Radial Inductor

Radial Inductor datasheet

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