Unshielded SMD Power Inductor Series


Unshielded SMD Power Inductor Series

1.Unshielded Power Inductor
2.High Current & Low DCR
3.SMD Power Inductor
4.Lower Cost & Profile Inductor
5.High Energy storage for power supply units.
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1. The surface mount inductors are designed for the smallest Possible size and high performance.
2. HPI Series are with high Energy storage and very low resistance making them the ideai inductors for power supply units.
3. Cross to Bourns SDR Series, Wurth PD4 Series, Coilcraft DO1608 DO3316 DO5022 Series, Chilisin BPSL Series, Viking PDH Series


Erocore SMD unshielded Power Wirewound Inductors (HPI Series) provide full range inductance. HPI Series metabolized drum core design utilizes board space and general use by Erocore's automatic wire wound technology and ferrite core.

HPI Series wire-wound open magnetic circuit construction are particularly suitable for cost-critical mass applications and thanks to their surface-mounting capability. These material saving power inductors are ideal for applications such as storage chokes in DC/DC convertors as well as in the EMC sector.

HPI Series is designed for DC-DC converter applications and features reduced DC resistance and increased allowable current. In DC-DC converters and power supplies, the performance of the power components directly affects the overall efficiency of the supply, so it is of paramount importance.


VGA display card, Notebook computers, PDAs, Step-up and Step-down converters, Flash memory programmers, etc.

Unhielded Power Inductor

Unshielded  Power Inductor-HPI

Unshielded Power Inductor

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