Wire Wound Inductors(Ceramic) | RF Chip Inductor Series


Wire Wound Inductors(Ceramic) | RF Chip Inductor Series

1.RF Wriewound Inductor
2.Ceramic body Construction
3.High SRFs & Ultra Q Value.
4.High Frequencies Application .
5.Non-Magnetic Coil Form
6.USB/IEEE 1394/Cable Moderm
7.Signal Line
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1. Ceramic body and wire wound construction provide highest SRFs.
2. These ultra - compact inductors provided exceptional Q values, even at high frequencies.
3. The non-magnetic coil form also assures the utmost in thermal stability, predictability and batch consistency.
4. Cross to Murata LQW Series & Coilcraft CS Series.


Erocore (MSC) series is a wire wound and ceramic technology that offers the highest usable frequency range, highest current carrying capability, and the best Q factor of the three technologies. The combination of these three advantages ensure that design engineers will have the right product for many more high frequency applications than most competitors.

High frequency inductors are specifically used for their frequency dependent properties. Depending on the technology, size and inductance value, the inductor will pass a certain desired range of frequencies, but will block or attenuate frequencies above the desired range. This eliminates high frequency noise or interference from communications signals.

The Construction of Erocore MSC open-type series chip wirewound ceramic inductors are designed to provide high SRFs. MSC series conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. Customed designs and tighter tolerances are available on request.


RF products for cellular phone, GPS receiver,4G /5G Base Station, Repeater, Wireless LAN/Mouse/Keyboard/earphone(Bluetooth), remote control, security system, Set Top Box, Base Station, Repeater GPS Receiver. USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, Cable Modem, XDSL Tuner and other RF modules



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