Wire Wound Inductors | RF Chip Inductor Series


Wire Wound Inductors | RF Chip Inductor Series

1.Wirewound Chip Inductor
2.Super Q characteristics
3.High Frequencies Application .
4.Standard Size: 2520 & 3225
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1. Very strong solderability by reflow soldering and soldering iron or wave soldering.
2. Highly accurate dimensions can be mounted automatically.
3. Terminals are highly resistant to pull forces.
4. High reliable in environments of sudden temperature change and humidity.
5. Highly resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure.
6. Superior Q characteristics and broadest selections amount peers.
7. Cross to TDK NLV25 & NLV32 Series.


Erocore NLSA Series is primarily designed for chip narrow pad, high current, molded type, wire wound inductors and offers improved performance in the same compact case size. Product conforms to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. NLSA series chip inductor can be customed designs for tighter tolerances on request.

SMD RF Inductors NLSA252018T & NLSA322522T series are revolutionary, high reliable wire wound components for communication, equipment, instruments, video & audio have been developed in response to the trend toward higher density mounting of inductor parts in electric circuits.

Erocore provides NLSA dimension 2.5x2.0x1.8 mm, 3.2x2.5x2.2 mm, 4.5x3.0x3.2 mm, 5.6x5.0x3.0 mm, 5.6x5.0x4.0 mm and  0.01uH ~ 10,000uH.


Micro TVs, liquid crystal TVs, video cameras, protable VCRs, car radios,car stereos, thin radios, televisiontuners, mobile phones, radio and other electronic devices.

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