Wire Wound Inductors | RF Chip Inductor Series

model:NLT(Power Line)

Wire Wound Inductors | RF Chip Inductor Series

1.RF Wire Wound Chip Inductor
2.Surface Mount (SMD) Type
3.High SRFs & Q characteristics.
4.Low DCR disign is ideal for low loss.
5.Powerl Line Application
6.High Frequency Application
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1. Utilizing a miniaturized winding structure.
2. These products provide low DC resistance and high current.
3. Precision inductance tolerance is available.
4. SMD Inductor for Power Line.


Erocore NLT Series is a wire wound inductor that offers the highest usable frequency range, highest current carrying capability, and the best Q factor of the three technologies. The combination of these three advantages ensure that engineers have correct RF Inductor for Power line filter and application.


Personal computers, Hard disk drives, xDSL modem and Cable modem, Digital camera and other electronic equipment.

RF Wire Wound Inductor

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